Beyond These Walls: Here We Go! Week 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Beyond These Walls: Here We Go! Week 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions


This guide pairs with Mark 4:1-20 and the sermon preached at Chapel Hill on May 4-5.

Written by Gunnar Tesdahl

Gunnar lives in Gig Harbor with his wife and best friend Aimee. He was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, where he graduated from Whitworth University. He currently serves as Director of Worship at Chapel Hill. Gunnar is pursuing a Master of Divinity at Knox Theological Seminary with the aspiration of serving as a pastor in the future. Gunnar enjoys playing and listening to music, reading all sorts of theology books and articles, and watching sitcoms.


LifeGroup Guide


What is the purpose of the parables according to Mark 4:11-12?

Why were Jesus’ followers, and not the others present, the only ones who heard Jesus’ parables with the ability to understand “the secret of the kingdom of God”? In other words, why do some have “ears to hear” and others do not?

What does this parable teach about the nature of the kingdom of God?


Are you familiar with the truth of this parable in the natural world – through farming or gardening experience or knowledge perhaps? As you relate the parable to real-life experience in the natural world, what are your reflections on its applications in the spiritual realm?

How would you describe the soil of your own heart in light of Jesus’ parable? If you humbly admit that your soil is “good,” which not-good soil could be considered in second place for you?

The seed in the good soil experienced growth, increase and yielded huge results, of even “one hundredfold.” The ESV Study Bible says the typical result a farmer at the time might have expected was somewhere between fivefold and fifteenfold. When have you experienced the abundant blessing of God, that goes above and beyond what you might have expected?


Consider those in your life who are far from God. With this passage in mind, how should you approach and pray for your friends and family who have yet to believe in Jesus Christ? Take some time in your group to pray for these loved ones.

Pray for the participants of Alpha as they explore the truth of the gospel. Participants are just a couple of weeks into the Alpha experience, and the door is wide open for others to join! Pray for good soil, receptive hearts, and evident fruit as God is at work in many lives!