Sick of Religion? Week 8: Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Sick of Religion? Week 8: Intro/LifeGroup Questions


This guide pairs with Mark 11:15-19 and the sermon preached at Chapel Hill April 13-14.

Written by Tina Picard

Tina has been a member of Chapel Hill for 12 years, along with her husband, Howie. Mom to two grown daughters, and Grammy to three delightful grandchildren. As a staff member, Tina serves in the area of Next Steps, melding her work and passion for connecting people with their God-given abilities and interests. She also loves to study the Word inductively, and connect women to the Word and to each other. She considers herself fortunate to have opportunities within the EPC (at the presbytery and national levels) to do so.

LifeGroup Guide


How has Jesus been challenging you this week? Where have you experienced transformation?


Mark 11:15-19


Consider how this incidence is a fulfillment of Mal 3:1-4 and Zech 14:21. In what way does Jesus “purify” the temple?

Reference Isaiah 56:7, the original context of Jesus’ words “a house of prayer”. What was the intended purpose of the temple according to this passage?

Who did Jesus offend in this passage? What was their response to his actions?


Jesus compares the people’s treatment of the temple to a den of robbers. This is a reference to Jeremiah 7:11. In both its original context, and here, the oppressive and violent behavior of the ruling priests defiles the temple. Those who are meant to be holy and without blemish, are instead full of sin. The issue was their sin compared to a holy God. Take a moment to reflect on your own attitudes and behavior in contrast with the perfect holiness of God. What sin do you need to confess to the Lord right now? How is God calling you instead to live a life “set apart” for his glory?

It is rare to consider Jesus’ anger—we prefer to dwell on Jesus meek and mild. This passage depicts a righteous anger against injustice, sin, and the defilement of God’s name. How can you relate to righteous anger? Where has God put a burning passion inside of you to fight against sin on behalf of the poor, the oppressed, the unjustly treated? When is it okay to be angry?


“A house of prayer for all nations”. This is both a reference back to Isaiah’s prophecy, and a reference forward to a future time when all nations of the world will worship together. In the “in between” times (now), one practical way we can become a house of prayer is to pray for our missions partners and those going on mission trips. Spend a moment praying for our Men’s Go Team leaving for Mexico May 16.

What’s one practical way you and your LifeGroup can engage in fighting against injustice? Plan a time to engage in practical service together one time in the next three months. For some ideas check here.