Sick of Religion? Week 6: Devotional Day 5

Sick of Religion? Week 6: Devotional Day 5

DAY 5 – Friday

Daily devotional


Mark 3:13-19; John 15:14-16


Who are your 12? Who are the people you lean into in times of trouble, and/or who you are equipping to be on mission with you, spreading the gospel together?


The words “disciple” and “apostle” are often used interchangeably, but they have different meanings. A disciple is a pupil, while an apostle is a commissioned representative or emissary. There were a great many people following Jesus, but he chose just 12 men to be his apostles. (The significance of the number 12 might be that the apostles are a reconstitution of the 12 tribes of Israel.)

Why and how did Jesus select these 12? Biblical scholars tell us the apostles were not members of the formal Jewish religious leadership system; they came from ordinary backgrounds and had rather common livelihoods. They also had shortcomings—and not just Judas! We see examples of the 12 misunderstanding Jesus’ teachings, being too wrapped up in their own egos, unintentionally misdirecting Jesus from his ultimate mission. Despite this, Jesus was patient and I believe he treasured his time with these men he loved (John 15:14-16). All of us who call ourselves Christian are the beneficiaries of the apostolic witness of the 12.

If you have a few trusted friends in whom you can confide, that you can equip, and with whom you can share God’s mission to spread the Good News, thank them for how much they mean to you and make every minute with them count for God’s glory. If you don’t, pray that God would bring someone into your life soon.