Sick of Religion? Week 6: Devotional Day 3

Sick of Religion? Week 6: Devotional Day 3

DAY 3 – Wednesday

Daily devotional


Mark 3:13-19


What is the purpose of Jesus drawing his disciples to him? (See verse 14)


I was a journalism major in college. One summer, I and a number of my fellow students served as interns at the ABC TV affiliate in Houston, Texas. Accompanying reporters on stories was fun, but most of them saw interns like me as a nuisance. One day, however, I accompanied a reporter named Sylvan Rodriguez to the Houston Space Center for a story on the space shuttle program. He asked me about myself, encouraged me, showed me the tricks of the trade, introduced me to his sources, and explained how he crafted news stories. I remember him as a warm, caring, genuine man of integrity who had my best interests at heart and wanted to see me succeed. Today, even though I’m not a hard-news journalist, I’m a storyteller and the things Sylvan said remain with me; in a way, I am still representing his principles.

Verses 14-15 explain Jesus’ two-fold purpose for calling the 12 to be his apostles. The first reason was to draw them closer to him (“so that they might be with him”, Mark 3:14). They lived with Jesus, traveled with him, talked with him, and learned from him. The second reason was to send them out to preach and have authority to cast out demons. Both reasons were equally important. In order to learn the ways and heart of Jesus, his disciples had to bond with him; only by doing so could they clearly represent his teaching.

If we say we follow Jesus, we cannot adequately present and represent him to a hurting world unless we have marinated in his teachings. That means spending regular time in the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament, learning from mentors and Christian teachers, and taking everything to God in prayer. Is there someone you have been trying to reach with the Good News of Jesus Christ but have found it difficult or impossible? Pray about it; ask God for help. He is waiting to use you as his instrument.