Baptism Weekend Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Baptism Weekend Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Easter Weekend

This guide pairs with Mark 16: 9-20 and the sermon preached at Chapel Hill April 27-28.

Written by Serena Blair

Worship leader at Chapel Hill. Jesus is the King of my heart. I love being John’s wife, proud to get the title “Mama” to twin girls, and have been a hairdresser my entire adult life. I have a passion to live out my faith and not hoard it. I love God’s Word. It is the plumb bob, the vertical reference line written straight from the loving heart of Father God to our hearts and the depth of our souls. For fun: I love family, people, yummy coffee, vacation, fashion (yes!), and all things salty.

LifeGroup Guide


Jesus appeared first to Mary Magdalene. What else do we know about her? Why is it significant that Jesus would appear first to someone like her?

The disbelief of the disciples is highlighted in verses 11, 13, and 14. Yet Jesus’ commission is to believe and see his power at work in and through the disciples. How do we see the ability of God to transform even the most unbelieving and the hardest of hearts in the contrast between disbelief and belief in these verses?

Verse 17 contains a promise that believers will do many of the same signs and wonders that Jesus did. How does verse 20 help us understand the purpose of these signs and wonders?


The disciples were mourning and weeping when they received the good news of the resurrection. How can you identify with the feeling of receiving good news from a place of grief?

The disciples’ first reaction to the news was disbelief. How have you experienced faith as a gradual process?


This passage contains the Markan version of the great commission. What is your part to play in proclaiming the gospel in your current season of life?

The disciples’ response to Jesus’ ascension to heaven was to go out and preach everywhere. The passage says “the Lord worked with them and confirmed the message with accompanying signs”. We have varying levels of comfort and experience with these signs. Pray boldly as a group for the Lord to speak powerfully through you and to confirm his message in people’s lives through you this week.