Sick of Religion? Week 6: Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Sick of Religion? Week 6: Intro/LifeGroup Questions


This guide pairs with Mark 3:7-21, 31-35 and the sermon preached at Chapel Hill March 30-31.

Written by Judson Taylor

Director of Communications at Chapel Hill. I am a Jesus follower, husband to Cara, Dad to Jeremiah and Mercy, storyteller, alchemist of the persuasive arts, Anglophile, musician, music lover, armchair traveler, and theo-nerd.

LifeGroup Guide


How has Christ been at work in your life over the last week?


Mark 3:7-21


Jesus is experiencing serious opposition by this point in the gospel. What is his response? Look for how he “withdrew with his disciples”, “went up on the mountain”, “called to him…and appointed 12”.

Look on a Bible map at all the place names mentioned in this story, to get a picture of just how far word about Jesus had spread by this point in Jesus’ ministry.

What is the purpose of Jesus drawing his disciples to him? (See verse 14)


What is your natural response in times of conflict or opposition? Is there anything you need to learn from Jesus’ strategies for sustainable, effective continuation of his mission?

Who are your 12? Who are the people you lean into in times of trouble, and/or who you are equipping to be on mission with you, spreading the gospel together?

Jesus wants his disciples to “be with him” and be “sent out”. Who else is considered part of Jesus’ family and do you see yourself in that way? (See verse 35)


Where can you partner with Christ in mission and service? Consider a mission or service opportunity that your LifeGroup might do together this season. Being “on mission” together provides both the opportunity to be together and grow closer in relationship, and to be sent out in a purposeful way to help others.