Sick of Religion? Week 3: Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Sick of Religion? Week 3: Intro/LifeGroup Questions


This daily devotional pairs with Mark 2:13-17 and the sermon preached March 9-10.


Written by Serena Blair

Worship leader at Chapel Hill. Jesus is the King of my heart. I love being John’s wife, proud to get the title “Mama” to twin girls, and have been a hairdresser my entire adult life. I have a passion to live out my faith and not hoard it. I love God’s Word. It is the plumb bob, the vertical reference line written straight from the loving heart of Father God to our hearts and the depth of our souls. For fun: I love family, people, yummy coffee, vacation, fashion (yes!), and all things salty.

LifeGroup Guide


Welcome/Vision/Group Guidelines/Prayer


How has Jesus been challenging you this week? Where have you experienced transformation?


Mark 2:13-17


Why are the Pharisees and Scribes mad with Jesus in this story?

What does Jesus spend his time doing in this story? What does this say about what matters to God?

What else do we know about Levi? (See Mark 3:18; Matthew 9:9)


Have you shared with your LifeGroup the story of when you accepted to follow Jesus for the first time, or perhaps a significant moment of his calling you to some particular place, role, or relationship? Today might be a good opportunity to hear the stories of one another!

Jesus is spending time in this story with tax collectors and sinners, before they change their lifestyle. Moral repentance isn’t a pre-condition of Jesus’ love and acceptance. Think about your regular weekly rhythm. When do you come into contact on a regular basis people whose lives or beliefs don’t line up with yours? If you do spend regular time with them, do you ever intentionally get to know them over a meal? Why or why not?


Jesus called Levi after noticing him “as he passed by.” How many moments do we miss every single day to have spiritual conversations because we don’t have eyes to see those we pass by? Pray for open eyes and heart to what God might have on your plate today.

How does your weekly schedule reflect your availability or desire to call sinners to follow Christ? If it’s not already a priority, what’s one small change you can make to your attitude, relationships, or schedule to make room for this?