Sick of Religion? Week 2: Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Sick of Religion? Week 2: Intro/LifeGroup Questions


This devotional pairs with Mark 2:1-12 and the sermon preached on March 2-3 at Chapel Hill.

Written by Jena Meyerpeter

Jena and her family moved to Gig Harbor in the fall of 2017. Although she considers herself a Midwest girl at heart, she and her husband Josh are loving raising their three daughters here in the Pacific Northwest. Jena’s love for God’s Word inspires her to write and speak on a variety of topics surrounding faith and family.

LifeGroup Guide


What do we learn about Jesus’ ability and authority to forgive sins? What does this mean about who he is?

What about the behavior of the people in this story helps us understand their motivations and desires? How does Jesus respond to their faith in action?

Jesus refers to himself in this passage as the Son of Man. What connotations did this title have for the original hearers and readers of this word? (Hint: look up Daniel 7:13-14) What significance does it have for us today as believers?


This is yet another story of people desperately seeking the help of Christ. This time, it is a group of friends on behalf of a paralyzed man. When have you experienced the support of friends bringing you to Christ when you couldn’t have done it alone?

Jesus turns a conflict into a moment which glorifies God. Do you have any areas of conflict right now in your life where you needs God’s wisdom in how to respond?


Are you someone who finds it easier to give, or to receive support from others? Think about who in your LifeGroup needs to “get on the mat” in this season of life. If it’s you, may this be the week you ask for help. If it’s someone else, may you have eyes to see them and do something to come around that person this week!