Sick of Religion? Week 2: Devotional Day 3

Sick of Religion? Week 2: Devotional Day 3

DAY 3 – Wednesday

Daily devotional


Mark 2:5-12, 1 Samuel 16:7, Romans 6:10


What do we learn about Jesus’ ability and authority to forgive sins?

What did Jesus know about the hearts and motives of people in this story?


When was the last time you had to wait? I don’t mean waiting for your pizza delivery or standing in line at the post office. I mean heart-on-the-floor, nerves-on-the-fritz kind of waiting? In Mark 2:5 we see a man waiting for a miracle. However, no one expected the miracle that came next.

“Son, your sins are forgiven.” This wasn’t the miracle anyone expected from Jesus. This inner soul healing was impossible for these teachers of the law to judge, so they assumed the worst – blasphemy. In fact, to the gawking crowd and four men peering through the hole in the roof it didn’t appear like a miracle at all! There was still the obvious issue of a paralyzed man waiting on his mat.

Jesus used those precise moments of waiting to teach a lesson about his authority on earth; the power to forgive sin, a holy act of God. Every miracle Jesus performed serves as an arrow pointing us to place our trust and hope in faithful, loving, and able Savior. Jesus knew every doubt and fear in the crowded room and finally gave what he knew they were wanting, physical proof of his authority. As the paralyzed man stood and walked out of the home fully restored the crowd was amazed, but the most amazing part was that Jesus had not only given him temporary restoration for this life but internally he sealed the man’s complete restoration for all of eternity.

No moments of waiting are ever wasted in Christ. What feels like deferred hope in this world is God’s orchestrated opportunity for us to know the love and faithfulness of Christ in our darkest moments.