Celebrating 20 Years of Children’s Ministry

Celebrating 20 Years of Children’s Ministry

On June 29, 1998, I was hired as Chapel Hill’s Children’s Ministry Director. The job then was to recruit 16 volunteers for one hour of Sunday School. Now, 20 years later, on June 30, 2019, my time at Chapel Hill will come to a close as I retire and look forward to the Lord’s next adventures for me.

It has been my joy to present Jesus to kids. Through Sunday morning and mid-week programs, sports, drama camps, and music, my heart’s desire has been to see each child establish a relationship with their heavenly Father to carry them through the rest of their lives. This huge undertaking could never have been accomplished without you, my co-laborers in Christ. Your faithfulness to the many children God has brought to us over the years has been amazing. And now, as my time at Chapel Hill comes to an end and I prepare to retire from this ministry in July, I want to say thank YOU!

  • Thank you for mentoring and tutoring students who needed your example and help.
  • Thank you for helping create unique environments for Day Camp and other camps, and for working with kids sharing your faith and encouraging theirs. In 20 years, we’ve touched well over 6,000 kids!
  • Thank you for encouraging kids to memorize God’s Word as Waypoints encouragers, puppeteers, and voiceover artists. You helped kids hide God’s Word in their hearts.
  • Thank you for coaching Upward Basketball and Cheer, sharing the Gospel with thousands of kids, many of whom had no other church exposure.
  • Thanks to those who came alongside to minister to orphans in Africa and Romania. Those shared experiences etched lines of appreciation for you deep into my heart.
  • Thanks to all of you who touched our hearts in Christmas and Easter dramas.
  • To those of you who served faithfully week after week as Sunday School teachers, shepherds, and small group leaders, thank you! You left your mark of faith on the hearts and minds of the children you served. Some of them are now following your example, serving the next generation.
  • A special thank you to Mark and Barb Richards who have trained student musicians and singers to lead kids in worship both on Sunday mornings and at Day Camp every year. You have brought children and adults to the feet of Jesus—what a wonderful legacy!

It has been my great pleasure to serve the Lord at Chapel Hill and it is with joy that I look forward to seeing what the Lord will do at Chapel Hill in the next 20 years. Great is His faithfulness!

Deb Robertson

Director of Children’s Ministries – until July!

A special note from Pastor Mark:

It is impossible to express my deep gratitude for the ministry of Deb Robertson as she has served generations of children and families at Chapel Hill, including mine! She has been a faithful, energetic, creative and, above all, Christ-centered leader whose impact for the Kingdom is incalculable.

I can imagine that with Deb’s departure comes a lot of questions about the future of Children’s Ministry. We plan on hosting a meeting soon on that point, so keep your eyes peeled.

Of course, we will have a celebration worthy of such a milestone; keep your eyes open. Meantime, Deb loves cards! Let her know how much YOU have loved and appreciated her.

Pastor Mark