Worship Services Cancelled This Weekend!

Worship Services Cancelled This Weekend!

A beautiful February morning to my Chapel Hill family!

We rarely do this, but it appears weather conditions are such that it would be unsafe to encourage people to be out on the road tonight and tomorrow in order to attend church. So regrettably, we are cancelling all weekend worship services and activities at the church. 

WHICH MEANS…we are also delaying the big reveal we wanted to share regarding Session’s Beyond These Walls initiative and some impending pastoral staff changes. It is important that we share these exciting developments at the same time with our entire Chapel Hill family, so we will look for the earliest weekend to reschedule and will certainly keep you posted.

BUT, thanks to technology, we can still “do church” tomorrow. Pastor Megan will share a Facebook Live devotional at 10:00 am Sunday, February 10. We’ll also share that video devotional on our website for those who aren’t on Facebook. Let’s join together in worship…digitally!

Of course, as always, you can give your normal offering next week or online. Thank you for your faithful financial support of your church. 

Also, I want to reiterate that we are cancelling all other weekend activities at the church, including those on Sunday evening, due to the weather.

Meantime, could I urge you to delight in this extreme weather as a beautiful gift from the Lord? As I write this, I am watching a bald eagle out over the water, straining against the breeze and then turning and just SCREAMING across the sky with the wind. I think he is playing! Just having fun. As should we. Cyndi, Cooper, and I went out at 9:00 last night for a snowball fight. THAT hasn’t happened in a while. And we are taking a gusty walk in an hour. Go thou and do likewise!

Let’s receive this “snow-down” as a “slow-down;” enjoy our family, our warm homes, our stock-piled food products, and our beautiful corner of the world as the God-gifts that they are! 

I’ll see you soon!

Pastor Mark