Sick of Religion? Week 1: Devotional Day 5

Sick of Religion? Week 1: Devotional Day 5


Daily devotional


Mark 1:40-41


Have you ever felt untouchable, unwanted, or rejected? When has Christ and his church helped to turn this around to a feeling of being wanted and included?


Many people have experienced a time of feeling unloved, unwanted or rejected. This certainly happens after a break-up in a relationship, but also from misunderstandings and conflict in families and between friends. Because God is love, he is always moved with compassion when we are suffering and he will provide a way to meet our deep needs. As the leper in his condition did not have much hope of healing or even anyone physically touching him, we may feel that our situation is impossible. But, with God nothing is impossible (Luke 1:37). Jesus came along and met the leper’s deepest need for love, including being touched. He was being affirmed that he is a human being made in the image of God and that he is valuable and loved.

Think of some examples when you have been in need and how God met your needs. Has God ministered directly to you or through someone in his church? God often speaks through us in times of quietness or nature which is often referred to as the still small voice from Elijah (1 Kings 19:12). This would be another good topic to talk about with your LifeGroup—have a time together considering the concepts of humility, persistent listening and openness to God and the work of His Holy Spirit ministering to us in times of deep need.