Sick of Religion? Week 1: Devotional Day 2

Sick of Religion? Week 1: Devotional Day 2


Daily devotional


Mark 1:40-41


What posture did the leper take as he approached Jesus? What does this show us about his desire for help, and who he thought Jesus was?


How do we approach Jesus? Sometimes we forget about how we talk with God. Do we tend to ask him for things or do we only talk to him when we need something? Certainly it is good to approach God at any time, particularly when we are in need, but we can all learn from this story and examine our patterns of communication with God. Do we approach Him with the posture of humility, as shown by kneeling? Is our desire to ask for help persistent and full of faith, as shown by imploring? “If you will” also indicates humility with a lack of presumption. But again, he said, “you can make me clean” which reveals his faith in Jesus’ ability to heal.

It might be helpful to review these few verses with these insights and questions. Share with your group how you approach Jesus. Do you consistently approach with humility, persistence and faith? If you are comfortable, share your struggles in this area and give an example of your tendencies in prayer. It is helpful to remember the acronym ACTS and you could discuss that as well: Adoration…Confession…Thanksgiving… and Supplication. When we make supplication (in other words make our requests) to God are we humble? Do we also adore Him in worship, confess our faults and do we spend time in thanksgiving when we pray?