Sick of Religion? Week 1: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Sick of Religion? Week 1: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions


This devotional pairs with Mark 1:40-45 and the sermon preached at Chapel Hill February 23-24.


Written by Mel Watt

I have been a member of Chapel Hill for four years with my wife, Patty. We started a LifeGroup four months ago in our home. I have a MDiv and enjoy Bible study and I work as a psychologist full-time. I am part of the writing, greeting, and the prayer ministry teams at Chapel Hill.

LifeGroup Guide

Story: Mark 1:40-45


How was Jesus’ willingness to touch a leper wondrous in its original time and context? Why would this have been shocking for a Jewish audience to witness and read about?

What posture did the leper take as he approached Jesus? What does this show us about his desire for help, and who he thought Jesus was?

Jesus still touches the ugly, sick, broken and untouchable. How does this small interaction help us to see the bigger story of the gospel—Jesus as the one who takes upon himself the brokenness of others, in order to bring cleansing and healing to all?


How can we mimic the “imploring” and “kneeling” of the leper in how we come to Jesus? Do a heart check on yourself. Is this your attitude about your own needs when you approach Jesus?

Have you ever felt untouchable, unwanted, or rejected? When has Christ and his church helped to turn this around to a feeling of being wanted and included?


What have you been imploring Jesus for in prayer for a long time? Pray together as a group over the needs we can get tired of sharing. Ask God for a renewed vision of his willingness to heal and answer our requests. 

What did Jesus want the leper to do in response to his healing? This response would have been a marker in the sand to both the leper and the priest of Christ’s healing power. How do you express your thankfulness to God for his work in your life and how does it give glory to God? Find one small way this week to give testimony to the power of Christ at work in your life.