Instagram Jesus Week 7: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Instagram Jesus Week 7: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions


This daily devotional pairs with Mark 1:29-39 and the sermon preached February 16-17

Written by Serena Blair

Worship leader at Chapel Hill. Jesus is the King of my heart. I love being John’s wife, proud to get the title “Mama” to twin girls, and have been a hairdresser my entire adult life. I have a passion to live out my faith and not hoard it. I love God’s Word. It is the plumb bob, the vertical reference line written straight from the loving heart of Father God to our hearts and the depth of our souls. For fun: I love family, people, yummy coffee, vacation, fashion (yes!), and all things salty.

LifeGroup Guide


How has Jesus been challenging you this week? Where have you experienced transformation?


Mark 1:29-39


Jesus helps people in many different ways and contexts in these verses. List out all the different groups and individuals he helps and how he helps them. Notice Jesus’ intentionality in who, how, and when he helps people.

What is the significance of Galilee, the geographic location of this passage?

How is Jesus physically, emotionally, and spiritually squeezed by the demands of people in these stories?


What practices do you have that help you do more than survive the demands of life? Is prayer one of them? Jesus helps a lot of different people, works long and hard hours, but doesn’t seem to be swayed by others’ expectations of him. He has a clear, confident sense of purpose and direction. How is this passage challenging you to do the same?

What is your biggest challenge: to have faith God can and does heal, or to have faith in the God who is able to heal even when he does not?

Do you live life with a holy urgency? Do you look for kingdom-purposed moments in your everyday life?


Simon’s mother-in-law responded to being healed by Christ by serving. Where are you serving right now? How are you giving back in response to what Christ has done for you?