Instagram Jesus Week 6: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Instagram Jesus Week 6: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Written by Jena Meyerpeter

Jena Meyerpeter and her family moved to Gig Harbor in the fall of 2017. Although she considers herself a Midwest girl at heart, she and her husband Josh are loving raising their three daughters here in the Pacific Northwest. Jena’s love for God’s Word inspires her to write and speak on a variety of topics surrounding faith and family.

Saturday through Friday February 9 – February 15

LifeGroup Guide

Welcome/Vision/Group Guidelines/Prayer


How has Jesus been challenging you this week? Where have you experienced transformation?


Mark 1:21-28 


What does this story reveal about who Jesus is? How does the authority of Christ help us know who he is?

What other stories of Jesus do you know where Jesus’ commanding voice has an instant and powerful effect upon nature, evil, sickness, difficult situations?

Which of Jesus’ teachings do you find most astonishing?


Who can you identify with in this story?

Jesus’ combination of powerful teaching and practical action amazes those present in the synagogue at the time of this account, and all the surrounding region. What recent stories do you have to share of God speaking to you through reading and reflecting on his teaching and actions in the Bible?

When have you seen the light of Christ countering the darkness in a tangible, very real way in front of your eyes?


Jesus commands the unclean spirit to “be quiet!”. More literally to shut up, or be muzzled. As a group, consider where you see evil in the context of the world. Spend time praying for Christ’s light to shine in the darkness.

How does being a follower of Jesus define you? How will being a follower of the Holy One of God define your actions this week?