Instagram Jesus Week 4: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Instagram Jesus Week 4: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions


This devotional pairs with the sermon preached Saturday and Sunday, January 26-27.

Written by Larry Hackman

Executive Associate Pastor at Chapel Hill. Theology nerd who also loves big, dumb blockbuster movies, dinosaurs (no kidding, I love dinosaurs), and classical music. What do these things have in common? They all point, in their own way, back to a big, beautiful God.

Saturday through Friday January 26–February 1

LifeGroup Guide


Jesus was baptized, and yet was without sin. Spend time discussing why Jesus was baptized. What is the significance of his baptism?

How does today’s passage help us to understand the humanity of Christ?

The Spirit drives Jesus into the wilderness where he is tempted, and during that difficult time the angels minister to him. How does the presence of God in the midst of suffering help us wrestle with the difficult question of suffering and God’s sovereignty?


How can you relate to the emotional ups and downs of Jesus’ early ministry days?

Jesus is commissioned for service by the voice from heaven. When have you experienced a sense of calling or commissioning? If you felt it was from God, how did you know his voice?

Challenge yourself to take an honest look at what tempts you. When you experience temptation do you lean into the support of others or hide?


Today’s passage encourages us that even while Jesus was being tempted, and was in the wilderness, God took care of him through the ministering of the angels. Spend time lifting up those in your group who are going through a really tough time. How can you practically support that person this week?

Is someone in your group experiencing some sort of significant new beginning? A new school, new home new relationship, new child, new job, new home-life situation? If this is something to be celebrated, find a way to do as a group! If this is hard, make time this week to check in with each other about how things are going.

Consider the role that the Holy Spirit plays in your life. Have you invited him into your new beginnings, or your tough times? Do you experience his presence with you? Spend some time inviting him into these circumstances in prayer.