Instagram Jesus Week 3: Devotional Day 7

Instagram Jesus Week 3: Devotional Day 7

DAY 7 – Sunday

Daily devotional


John 10:11-17


Which aspect of Jesus’ character is most challenging to you – his power and authority or his servant leadership? Commit this week to do a little extra Bible reading and research about that characteristic. If you didn’t already do so, highlight the stories in Mark’s Gospel which teach us about Jesus in this way. For bonus points, read through the other gospels and do the same! As you do so, journal how God is speaking to you personally through his Word.


As we’ve gone through an overview of the Gospel of Mark this week, we’ve seen Jesus as one who has power and authority and one who actively displays servant leadership. In the narrative of Mark, we see the people Jesus encounters have different reactions. For example, the disciples readily accept the authority of Jesus and follow his command to follow him (Mark 1:18-20). Others struggle with the authority Jesus demonstrates (Mark 6:1-6).

Remember Peter from Day 1 this week? Peter had expectations for the Messiah, some of which needed to be corrected. Just like Peter, all of us approach Jesus with expectations (perhaps more aptly called assumptions) about who he is. These are going to be challenged as we continue to dig into the Gospel. The challenge can be tough, as we’ve grown to love the Jesus whom we have pictured. But as we know from loving a family member or a friend, true love involves loving the person for who they really are. Are we willing to love Jesus in that way? 

Personally, I find myself drawn to one aspect or another of Jesus’ character at different times and seasons of life. I think this is natural. I have to be careful that I am not turning a blind eye to his other aspects. He holds all these aspects together in such a way that I struggle to understand how he does it. For example, in the two characteristics highlighted in the Ask question today, I tend to emphasize one or the other, choosing to focus on his authority or his servant leadership. Yet Jesus, as presented in the gospels, holds them together. Jesus demonstrates his authority in his service, as he proclaims in John 10:18. How amazing is that! I would miss out on that grand image of who Jesus is if I focused on just one aspect or the other. Don’t miss out on who Jesus is!