Instagram Jesus Week 3: Devotional Day 2

Instagram Jesus Week 3: Devotional Day 2

DAY 2 – Tuesday

Daily devotional


Mark 2:3-12


What does the Gospel of Mark teach us about the power and authority of Jesus?


The story in Mark 2:3-12 is one of many in the Gospel of Mark that reveals something about the power and authority of Jesus. As we walk through this story together, I want to suggest two questions to be thinking about as you read the stories in Mark that teach of Jesus power and authority.

  • How does Jesus demonstrate his power and authority?

In Mark 2:3-12, Jesus does two things that show his power and authority. First, Jesus forgives the sins of the paralytic. The scribes (religious leaders) help us out here, indicating that the forgiveness of sins is a demonstration of authority and power, for as they ask, “Who can forgive sins but God alone?” (v. 7, ESV). To prove that he had this authority and power to forgive sins, Jesus does a further, visible sign. He heals the paralytic man. This is immediate and readily evident. No one in that room could contradict that Jesus had the authority and power to heal the man by commanding him to get up and walk, because the man just got up and walked.

  • What is the response to Jesus’ power and authority?

Like the two demonstrations of Jesus’ power and authority, this story also includes two reactions to this authority and power. What’s the reaction of the scribes when Jesus forgives the sins of the paralytic? What’s the reaction after the former paralytic picks up his bed and walks out? The responses differ dramatically from one another and throughout the Gospel, we will continue to see various response to the power and authority of Jesus.

As you continue reading through the Gospel including these stories of authority and power, what is your own response? Do you believe Jesus has the authority and power he claims to or are you grappling with doubts?