Instagram Jesus Week 3: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Instagram Jesus Week 3: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Written by Lilly Davis

Grew up at Chapel Hill. Currently working towards a Master of Divinity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Loves engaging with Scripture with both mind and heart and discussing it with others, particularly when paired with good food or coffee. Also enjoys viewing God’s creation through the lens of photography.

Saturday through Friday January 19 – January 25

LifeGroup Guide




What does the Gospel of Mark teach us about Jesus as Messiah / Man / Son of God? If you have a study Bible, you might find it helpful to read about each of these themes. If you don’t have one, skim through your Bible, highlighting these titles of Jesus as they come up in Mark’s Gospel.

             What does the Gospel of Mark teach us about the power and authority of Jesus?

            What does Mark teach us about the kingdom of God?


Every story where we learn who Jesus is also gives us a chance to evaluate our response to Jesus. A good summary of those responses can be found in the parable of the seeds in Mark 4:3-9. How do you see yourself in the different responses to Jesus?

One of the unusual features of Mark’s Gospel is its abrupt ending in Mark 16:8. Marks 16:9-20 are later additions to the text, and it is highly likely Mark deliberately ended his account of Jesus’ life in this abrupt way. How does this abrupt ending of Mark leave you examining your response to Jesus?


How can you imitate Christ’s humility in serving others and thinking of others better than yourself? Talk as a LifeGroup about:

            1) What opportunities and need you have to serve within your group

            2) How you could serve together for the broader mission of the kingdom

Which aspect of Jesus’ character is most challenging to you – his power and authority or his servant leadership? Commit this week to do a little extra Bible reading and research about that characteristic. If you didn’t already do so, highlight the stories in Mark’s Gospel which teach us about Jesus in this way. For bonus points, read through the other gospels and do the same! As you do so, journal how God is speaking to you personally through his Word.