Instagram Jesus Week 2: Devotional Day 7

Instagram Jesus Week 2: Devotional Day 7

DAY 7 – Sunday Daily devotional


Romans 15:13


How will your joy impact you and those around you?


Joy, peace, hope. These qualities all come by the power of the Holy Spirit. Joy is possible because we have the power of the Holy Spirit living within us, the same one who raised Jesus from the dead (cf. Romans 8:11b). When things are hard, we must remember we have God with us, and go back to the story of who Jesus is and what amazing things he accomplished in his life, death and resurrection. If you are struggling with joy today, why not take the time to read through the whole gospel of Mark, and remind yourself of God’s power.

I love how today’s verse is such a visual image: “abound in hope”. Our joy, peace and hope are not given purely for our own enjoyment. As we choose joy, we choose it not only for the sake of ourselves, but for those around us. I shared with you on day one about my son Ezra’s infectious joy. Joy is always like that. As we become more joyful, it changes the environment around us. And as we read in day two, “there is no law against those things.” We could all use a little more joy, and really, who is going to complain about it?!

If you are like me and don’t always know the words to say to share Jesus with your friends, or if you don’t naturally always feel the most excited and joyful right away about life, or if you aren’t the most disciplined person and you struggle with guarding your heart, let’s commit together to choose joy. Let’s press into the truth that joy is always possible. May the God of hope fill us with all joy and peace as we trust him, so that we may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit!