Instagram Jesus Week 2: Devotional Day 5

Instagram Jesus Week 2: Devotional Day 5

DAY 5 – Friday Daily devotional


Philemon 1:6 


Who could you share joy with?


I’m always surprised and delighted at moments of sharing Jesus with friends. In my experience evangelism always brings with it a mix of anxiety and excitement! Let me give you an example.

This year, our little Evelyn started Kindergarten. I can still hardly believe it! She rides the school bus and what started out as a tentative hope that this might give me a chance to meet new neighbors has now turned into a blossoming new group of friends for both of us. This crew shares daily ups and downs together, from sleepless nights and tantrums, to family deaths and dramas. We all have different cultural backgrounds and it’s been so fun to get to listen and understand everyone’s upbringing, languages and traditions.

What started as shared play dates has now turned into birthdays and holiday celebrations. So it was only natural that I would share with my new friends my pursuit of ministry, and my excitement about all that was going on at church in the Christmas season.

As Christmas approached, I felt the Holy Spirit nudge to invite my new friends to GLOW. But even though they had responded well to me sharing my personal journey in ministry, I really wasn’t sure how they would receive my invitation for them to be part of it! I gathered up the courage one morning to invite them, and the courage again closer to the weekend to text them and invite them again. Both times I said the words, then waited with bated breath, bracing myself for rejection. GLOW came, and I was so overwhelmed and shocked when one of my new friends came. What incredible joy to get to be part of this significant moment of a friend attending church for the first time ever. Wow.

Who could you share joy with by inviting them to Alpha?