Instagram Jesus Week 1: Devotional Day 7

Instagram Jesus Week 1: Devotional Day 7

DAY 7 – Sunday

Daily devotional

  • Read

Mark 1:6-7

  • Ask

John’s outward appearance was a little wild, but very intentional. Study up this week on the significance of his clothing, and consider how God might be asking you to pay attention to the details in your life and how they point to Christ. How do the everyday, mundane details of your clothing purchases, daily routines and habits point to Christ?

  • Reflect

Let’s talk about John’s clothes first. This seems so random, I know. Read these passages and note how John’s “uniform” pegged him as a preacher who had a direct message from God: 1 Kings 17:1-7; 2 Kings 1:6-8. The ESV Study Bible includes a note about locusts on Matthew 3:4:

“John’s garments were common to nomadic desert dwellers and thus were associated with poorer people. Locusts and wild honey were not an unusual source of food for people living in the desert… The desert locust is a large grasshopper, still eaten today by poorer people in the Middle East and Africa.”

Now, let’s talk about how intentional (or not) we are with the mundane details of our lives. Think about this now in several areas so that you’re well thought-through when you get together as a group.

  • What does your uniform, your clothes, “peg” you as?
  • Are there ways in which your home points to Christ?
  • How does how you interact with your neighbors point to Christ?
  • The coffee you do (or don’t) drink?
  • Anything in your pre-lunch routine?
  • Who you eat lunch with? What you eat? Where?
  • How you handle the afternoon slump?
  • Your dinner routine?
  • What you watch after 8pm?
  • Your social media posts?

I had a friend ask me recently if I felt like I was living a life that was “imitatable.” She has slowed her life down significantly as a pastor the last two years because she realized that when people were looking for what it looked like to follow Jesus, she didn’t want anyone’s life as harried and non-neighborly as hers was.

If someone was to describe you in the way that Mark describes John the Baptist in verse 6, would they know you were a follower of Jesus?