Instagram Jesus Week 1: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Instagram Jesus Week 1: Day 1 Intro/LifeGroup Questions

Written by Megan Hackman

Associate Pastor at Chapel Hill. Student of God’s Word with colored pencils in one hand, ready to take notes and understand, and a cell phone in the other, ready for it to make a difference in the next appointment I have. Local waterfront, coffee, and running route connoisseur.

Saturday through Friday January 5–January 11

LifeGroup Guide


How has Jesus been challenging you this week? Where have you experienced transformation?


Mark 1:1-8


Open up a study Bible to the introductory notes on Mark’s gospel, and consider what you already know about this gospel in comparison with the other gospels. Think about the way the writer, Mark, recorded the ministry of Jesus. What was Mark’s literary style and what are the main themes found in the book of Mark? How might this have led the sermon planning team to the title #InstagramJesus?

How about the opening few verses of Mark help you to see Mark as a gospel of action?

Use the footnotes in your Bible to find the original context of the Old Testament verses quoted in today’s passage. What is the significance of John the Baptist’s role when understood through this lens?


This is a story of new beginnings. What new beginnings is God working in your life, or the life of those around you, at this time?

John’s role was to prepare the way for the coming of Jesus. He did this through calling people to a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. Who is God calling you to support in their journey towards relationship with Jesus?

John’s attitude towards Jesus and his own sense of self-importance is reflected in his statement “After me comes he who is mightier than I….” Who do you look to as a model of this type of humility? What inspires you about that person?


John’s call to repentance and his posture towards Jesus reflect deep humility and a desire to point others to Jesus. Which one of these two areas will you take time to reflect more deeply on this week? Commit to listening more attentively to the Spirit this week to where he is asking you to take the humble place, or to who he might want you to point to Jesus.

John’s outward appearance was a little wild, but very intentional. Study up this week on the significance of his clothing, and consider how God might be asking you to pay attention to the details in your life and how they point to Christ. How do the everyday, mundane details of your clothing purchases, daily routines and habits point to Christ?