Our First Seahawk Saturday!

Our First Seahawk Saturday!

Three years ago we launched a Saturday night worship service called, cleverly, Saturday Night at Chapel Hill! It was a somewhat risky venture because, except for our Catholic friends, no church in the community has been able to sustain a Saturday night service. But we felt it was worth trying for a couple reasons.

First, we have many who work on Sundays and couldn’t be a part of Chapel Hill worship. Also—frankly—our culture values sports. Highly. Club sports for our kids usually occur on Sundays. And, of course, the Seahawks play on Sundays.

We could rail at this reality. (I did. Often.) Or we could acknowledge that this IS our reality and we need to find a way to minister effectively in this context.

We chose the latter! And, in the last few months, after three faithful years, Saturday Night has begun to take hold and take off! Some weekends, we are up by more than 50 percent over the previous year. This is very exciting.

Saturday Night is a duplicate of our 10:45 am Sunday service. Same music, same preacher. And this weekend, it will be in the same space, too! This will be the first of three Seahawk Saturdays this season, which means that when the Hawks are playing early on Sunday, Saturday Night worship will be in the Sanctuary to allow room for the surge of Seahawk fans who would like to worship Jesus AND root on the Hawks in the same weekend.

Oh, and kids will still have their Bible-based program with Karen Rodenbucher, and we’ll make sure you get to the right place to pick them up after worship.

If you haven’t tried Saturday, this is a perfect chance. Wear your Hawks colors if you like, and show up ready to cheer…for Jesus! And bring that unchurched friend of yours. He might love it!

Pastor Mark

PS—And by the way, we are returning to our study of Jonah. If you’ve never seen a grown prophet mewling like a spoiled toddler in the mall—well, you won’t want to miss this week’s tantrum. Jonah’s prayer is one of the whiniest, most disgustingly self-serving passages you will read in the Bible—and I think we will all be disturbed to discover how closely it cuts to OUR bone!