Is There Room for Me?

Is There Room for Me?

The last thing you want your church community to ask you to do is to add one more thing onto your calendar. I get it. But do we really want reams of checklists and pages on the calendar without meaningful people in the midst of them? Without noticing how much you’ve grown from one season to the next? Without reminding you that the life we’re living right now is an eternal one?

We believe that following Jesus doesn’t happen in an hour on a Sunday. That’s when we all gather together, but we become more like Jesus, we decide we are with him, we act like him, all in the midst of those check lists and pages on the calendar. To live like that, we have to live differently.

So as we’re going, we come together in small groups. We are connected to others wanting to live this way of Jesus, wanting to be like Jesus. Yes, it’s another meeting on the calendar. But it’s really an intentional gathering of the people you may not even realize you’re doing life with. We call these small groups LifeGroups. We do life with this group, we’re not necessarily in this group for life.

There are over 100 LifeGroups at Chapel Hill, and I bet you’re already doing life with some people in one of them. You’re at the Y at the same time. You’re dropping off kids in the same place. You sit in the same place in the sanctuary. You have the same favorite coffee shop. You’re going through the same life transition. We want to help you find one another so that you can find more of Jesus together in a LifeGroup at Chapel Hill. There is a LifeGroup for you.

So, are you ready for a LifeGroup? Here’s a quick diagnostic:

  • Do you want to be more like Jesus?
  • Do you want to be known and to know others?
  • Do you want to find some overlap between what’s on your schedule and the Chapel Hill community; or are you new here and need a new community?
  • Can you commit to doing life with others?

We just blew out candles (literally) to celebrate the beginning of nine new LifeGroups. Those leaders and 22 others are actively looking for new LifeGroup members! Here are your options for meeting LifeGroup Leaders:

  • Sunday September 16, 5:00 pm, during the Families Picnic, Crescent Park (family groups)
  • Tuesday, September 18, 6:00-8:00 pm, drop in at Cutter’s Point Flagship (all weekday, evening groups)
  • Thursday, September 20, 6:30-9:00 am, drop in at Cutter’s Point Flagship (all weekday, morning/day groups)
  • Saturday, September 22, 8:00-10:00 am, drop in at Cutter’s Point Flagship (all weekend groups)

You can always connect with LifeGroup Leaders by reaching out to them directly through our website. If this is the season you want to connect and be more like Jesus, I want to help you find your LifeGroup. I hope I see you this week!


Pastor Megan