Wednesdays: Same but Different

Wednesdays: Same but Different

For years, Wednesday night has been the focal point for many changed lives at Chapel Hill. If you’ve been attending for a significant amount of time at Chapel Hill, you’ve probably been touched by a ministry that ran on Wednesday, from Men’s Life to FPU and many more. That’s why I’m excited about some of the changes we’re making this fall to Wednesday nights. In many ways, Wednesday nights will continue that legacy of life change, but at the same time I hope the evening has greater impact on lives than ever before.

What changes am I talking about? Well the first is a doozy: Celebrate Recovery is moving to Wednesday nights starting September 12.

We’ve recognized that CR has been a catalyst for growth for many people over many years. By bringing it to Wednesday night, we hope that people recognize that CR is one of the main ways that we think people can grow in their faith.

In addition to CR, the building will host Alpha, Celebration Place (ministry to elementary age children), The Landing (ministry to 9th-12th graders who want to grow their relationship with Jesus and work through life’s hurts and hang-ups) and Extreme (ministry to middle schoolers). It’s going to be packed! But how beautiful will that be, to see people from all walks of life, from young to old, in many different places spiritually, all coming to Chapel Hill on Wednesday nights to grow in their walk with Jesus? This place will be humming with the Holy Spirit.

Food has often been a part of Wednesday nights, and that’s something we’re doubling down on too. Traditionally, we’ve had a meal before programs started, but I love that all of these ministries now include food as part of their program, including CR. I love this because when you read about Jesus you realize how much ministry he did around a dinner table. Of course he did, because a meal is a place of fellowship and celebration. This is why we’re forming a team around hospitality and food service we’re calling the Table Team. Their goal will be to “set the table” for the fellowship and celebration that we hope happens during Wednesday nights at Chapel Hill. We hope Table Team is a place of fellowship and celebration too, even as they serve the food that will help bring many people together.

So if you’re not going to be a part of Alpha or CR, maybe you want to have a significant part in helping those ministries thrive by joining the Table Team. If that’s you, dive right in by filling out THIS FORM and letting us know. If you want to dip your toes in, come to the Open House Sunday, August 26, at noon in the Gathering Place. You’ll get a tour of the kitchen, and a little primer on what Table Team will look like Sunday after church on August 26. And really, even if you’re already sold on being a part of the Table Team, you should come to the Open House anyway, it’ll be fun.

Man, I’m excited to see how this will all come together this Fall. I hope you’ll jump into the fray, one way or another, whether that’s Table Team or CR or Alpha, or maybe even Extreme and Celebration Place. Jesus will be doing some cool stuff here, won’t you be a part of that?

Pastor Larry