Life on the Water

Life on the Water

Summer has arrived! One of the best things about summer in Gig Harbor is the easy access to the water. As a family we love to go down to one of the beaches nearby and play in the water. And we’re even more blessed than those who own boats, because we have friends that own boats! All the joy without any of the hassle.

Water featured heavily in the life of Jesus and his disciples. They spent much of their time around a body of water. This weekend we kick off a new sermon series called Life on the Water. We’re going to take a look at stories from the life of Jesus and his friends that take place on the water to see what we, as a community on the water, can learn from the common ground we have. 

Also this weekend we are having our annual Harbor Baptisms. At 1:00 pm on Sunday, July 1, we will assemble at Eddon Boat Park (the corner of Stinson and Harborview) to baptize those who have decided to proclaim the faithfulness of God to them, and become a part of his family. Please come, bring a picnic, and join us. Invite a friend or two to witness what has been a joy-filled event the last few years.

And if you want to be baptized, please come at 1:00 pm and head to the check-in desk at Eddon Boat Park where one of our elders will take you through the process of taking the plunge! 

 Finally, this weekend we kick off Family Worship Month. Usually, when we come together to worship, we split our kids and adults into separate worship experiences. But for one month a year we choose to unite in worship, to enjoy one another, and learn from one another. For many of us, this means giving up our preferences or traditions, but we know, statistically speaking, that kids who learn to worship with adults are much more likely to continue worshiping Jesus when they become adults themselves.

 So please throw yourself into it! Welcome the children into your row. High-five them in the greeting time. And have fun! We want to make sure our kids and families have as interactive an experience as possible, and so to this end, we are also planning to close the balcony for the month. If you are a balcony-dweller, we appreciate your willingness to let go of your preference in order to more fully engage with the next generation!

 I’m excited to see the impact this summer will have on our community, both within these walls, and beyond these walls.

 Pastor Ellis