Do-nut miss this weekend!

Do-nut miss this weekend!

For all of us donut lovers (and who isn’t?) we were grieved this week to learn that one of our favorite dispensers of fat-fried dough, Pao’s donuts, had been burgled and vandalized! The horror! It is ironic because we had JUST been discussing tapping into them for our not-to-be-missed Father’s Day treat this weekend. More on that in just a moment. First, two important items.

Last week I asked for your help as we prepared for an historic event here at Chapel Hill: Ravi Zacharias in the flesh! We knew it would be a big deal but, wow, nearly 3000 people packed into sanctuary and overflow spaces to hear one of the great Christian communicators of our time. I can’t tell you how pleased I was to hear the way you made room for our guests.

  • One woman, (who was scheduled for hip replacement two days later!!!) offered her seat to a guest!
  • Centurylink parking lot was full, which means you gave up your primo parking spots to our guests.
  • The wonderful Chapel Hill ushers did a spectacular job organizing the pandemonium.
  • Our nursery crew dealt with…are you ready for this…118 babies! Yowza.

One small hiccup: we had problems with our sound system; I’m sorry about that.  Actually, our P.A. is on the verge of failing for good. It is more than 20 years old and it nearly failed on Easter Sunday! Good news: this summer we will be making the necessary upgrades to this antiquated and essential system. And, for those who did struggle to hear, you can find both sermons (yes, Ravi preached two different sermons!) on our website. Listen to Ravi’s sermons

Anyhow…everyone….EVERYONE…did a spectacular job of hospitality over the weekend and I was really proud of our Sweetheart Church!

As you well know, we are invested as a church in the raising up and sending of young leaders. Part of that is accomplished through an internship program we do each summer, many of whom come to us from Whitworth University. I want you to meet our interns for this summer. If you see them, please greet them warmly. In addition, we are privileged to welcome two pastoral interns to our team. Pictured below along with cohort mentors Julie Hawkins and Gunnar Tesdahl are, left to right:

  • Lilly Davis, pastoral intern, going into her final year of seminary at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts
  • Eric Anderson (Student Ministries Fellow), attending Whitworth University
  • Reese Carlson, pastoral intern, pursuing a theology degree at Southern Nazarene University in Oklahoma City
  • Courtney Herrington (Worship Ministry Fellow), attending Whitworth University
  • Anna Arnholt (Children’s Ministry Fellow), attending Whitworth University

NOW…back to the really important thing: donuts. This weekend, to celebrate Father’s Day, we will have the first ever Donut Wall! It is as it sounds…100 dozen delectable morsels of artery-clogging goodness, hanging from pegs on a wall, available for the grabbing! How fun will that be! In addition, our worship music at 9:00 am Sunday will have a decidedly “bluegrass-y” feel to it this weekend; I know you will enjoy it.

We are well and truly launched into our summer at Chapel Hill! I hope you make the most of it.

Pastor Mark

P.S. One piece of family business: as we approach the end of our fiscal year (June 30 is a big deal for us!) our operating income is running behind by about $125,000. Anything you can do to bring your giving current, or even to make a special year-end gift, would be greatly, greatly appreciated. VIEW YOUR GIVING