My message last weekend focused on the unique part we are each called to play in the Body of Christ. One of the dangers of being a large, well-resourced church, is that you:

a) assume that someone else is going to answer the call to service; and
b) that you find it easier to pay someone to do the work than to do it yourself.

That is an unsustainable model for ministry for all kinds of reasons but two in particular: if we are not serving the work of Christ’s mission in some personal way, we are depriving ourselves of the joy that comes when we are functioning within our unique set of spiritual gifts, and we are depriving the Body of Christ of that unique contribution that only we can make.

If you are a jigsaw puzzler, you know well what I’m talking about. There is nothing more frustrating than to get to the end of a puzzle and find one piece missing. It’s ALMOST complete and it’s ALMOST the whole picture, but not quite. If you aren’t involved somehow in ministry for the sake of Jesus, either in your church or beyond these walls, then YOU are that missing puzzle piece.

Last weekend, I asked you to assume that my simple request for help in four areas was NOT directed at your pew mates, but that it was aimed right at you! Right at that bulls-eye on your forehead. And a good chunk of you responded. We now have 21 new ushers (you liked that idea of bossing people around in church, didn’t you?), 19 furniture-builders (just like Jesus!), 33 Day Camp volunteers (including seven MEN…the brothers came through!) and 25 Alpha volunteers (which filled every slot!)

Wonderful news. Wonderful response. A wonderful start. Start, I say, because we had 1,200 people in worship that weekend. So, there are probably a few more who have yet to dip their toe in the ministry waters. That’s okay. We will keep encouraging, you will keep plucking up your courage and who knows, maybe that Spirit who gifted you will prompt YOU next time to raise your hand and, with Isaiah, say, “Here am I…send me!”

Mother’s Day is going to be very special. I look forward to being with you this weekend. AND, the Toones will have home that “little girl” who first made my Cyndi into a mom more than 25 years ago. How can it be?

Pastor Mark