What an incredible weekend we shared!

What an incredible weekend we shared!

Dear friends, 

It’s Sunday afternoon, January 7. I usually write to you on Thursday, but I’m still so pumped about what the Lord did this weekend, I have to capture it now. And you might even be reading this on  Wednesday for reasons you will see below. 

In case you missed it (and if you did, you really missed something special), this was our annual Renewal of Baptisms. It is such blessing to have you march forward by the hundreds and receive the sign of the cross in water upon your forehead. We pronounce the words, “Remember your baptism and be thankful.” You are supposed to reply with “I am thankful.” But sometimes, you can’t say anything. And sometimes you have way more than that to say; you can’t help yourself. 

What was particularly powerful was the spontaneous baptisms! We had eight people who felt moved by the Spirit to be baptized. In second Sunday service alone, we had seven folks who approached our elders to testify to their faith and then came forward for the sacrament. It was incredible! The floor under the kneeler was soaked with water, the holy residue of that holy moment when person after person declared that they wanted to be identified with Jesus and his Church.

I long to see more of this in the coming year; more people who are coming to Christ during the service. More people seeking baptism and asking to join the church. And it all begins with your invitation to your unchurched friends. The kind of joy when we celebrate people walking with Jesus is contagious! Our 10:45 am service especially left us reeling with that joy of new life! May it be that all our congregation knows and experiences that joy in 2018. May the Lord bring many more into his kingdom because we have the desire to reach out…and act on that desire!

Wednesday, January 10 we kick off Alpha, an international ministry that invites people to ask questions about faith.  More than 27 million people have participated in Alpha.  My prayer is that many of you will put your invitational muscles to work, even this afternoon, and reach out to someone who might love a free dinner and a warm welcome from our well-trained team.  The dinner’s free and we even provide child-care!  Please…call that friend and invite them to be your guest at Alpha.  Remember, they will be more likely to come if they know you are going too!

God is going to save more people through the work of this church. Please, be a part of it.

Pastor Mark

P.S. I have a few spaces left on my Reformation Tour this summer, June 16-28. If you’ve ever considered making a trip with me, I hope you will consider this one. It will be gorgeous, inspirational, and very fun. Please contact Kathy Berry today. She can give you all the information you need. Do come! Cyndi and I would love to get to know you.