Catching a glimpse of the real Christmas

Catching a glimpse of the real Christmas

As many of you know, Cyndi and I bought a house last summer. It is a 1967 split-level that hasn’t been touched since it was built…including the original avocado green wool carpet! Even though we acquired it in August, we have not yet moved in because there is so much to be done…and we are doing as much of it ourselves as we can.

We bought the house because it is smallish and has a beautiful, eastern-facing view of the water and the mountain. This morning, I was painting while it was still dark and looked up to see my first sunrise coming right over the top of Rainier. It was breathtaking! I knew that someday, I would be present for a sunrise and that it would be epic. Well, this was that day! I knew it would be good; I didn’t know how good.

We are working hard to make sure that next weekend, our six (count ‘em, six) Christmas Eve services will do justice to the glory and splendor of that first Christmas night when God, astoundingly, became a man and dwelt among his people. And I’ll bet there are people in your life who know that Christmas ought to be more than feasts, festivity and festooned houses. They have some idea that Christmas has a deeper, spiritual meaning. But for one reason or another, they have never gotten a glimpse of something way more glorious than Santa and presents.

Now what if you were the person who invited them to catch their first glimpse of a real Christmas. Can you imagine sitting with them as, for the first time, they lift up the lit candles and sing Silent Night; as for the first time they really encounter the glorious Son of God who is the reason for this breathtaking season?

Please, won’t you think of someone you know who is still living in the spiritual shadows…and invite them to come to Christmas Eve with you? I promise, we will do everything we can to make them welcome…and to give them a glimpse of the glory that has eluded them. You can be part of that! I hope you will.

This weekend worship will be fun, different and very engaging …especially for newcomers. Bring one along!

Pastor Mark