How to Create Some Space for God!

How to Create Some Space for God!

Have you ever felt that nudge? A friend, co-worker, family member, or someone you just met is talking, and you sense the conversation could take a spiritual turn. But what do you say? What don’t you say? How can you bring up God without shutting the connection down?

About 150 of you been gathering for the last couple months to explore how the Holy Spirit actually does come through in these experiences. Pastor Ellis led a dozen groups through God Space, a series of workshops about how to have authentic conversations about faith. They asked themselves hard, honest questions like “Do people far from God like you? Are you invited to parties?” Those who participated gained deeper relationships with each other and confidence to realize they are not as incompetent as they thought they were!

There’s still an opportunity to tap into some of this wisdom. Doug Pollock is an evangelism trainer and author of God Space, and he will be here at Chapel Hill on Saturday, November 4, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. He will tell stories and lead training exercises that will prepare you to have spiritual conversations naturally.

Doug says in his book, “I often wonder what would happen if the Body of Christ could create low-risk, high-grace places for people to pursue their need to have spiritual conversations?” Here’s your chance to be a part of a movement to do just that!

This time of year often presents opportunities that we don’t want to squander. Many among us may be hurting or eager to connect. Doug will challenge us to truly notice, serve and listen to those around us. Creating God space is not just hosting holiday parties, but about having a spirit of hospitality in our relationships. It means seeking first to understand those around us, rather than to make sure our ideas are understood and appreciated. All of us receive love best when we are with those we trust and who show a genuine interest in our questions. What a great opportunity to take what you have learned and truly go beyond these walls to love our community!

You don’t need to have attended our Wednesday night God Space series to come. You can still register! Information is HERE.

Speaking of going beyond these walls, we are excited to take part in a developing plan for a downtown Gig Harbor nativity display. This is a cooperative effort throughout the month of December between churches and the business community. It’s an unapologetically Christian witness and a chance to bless our community. You’ll hear more about it soon, so stay tuned. Oh, and please mark December 15 on your calendars, because our own Gunnar Tesdahl is organizing music teams and choirs from several area churches to present a joyous evening of carols and praises to our newborn King!

 One more thing: this weekend we have some BIG news to share regarding our ongoing Beyond These Walls initiative! So make every effort to be on time for worship! I can’t wait!

 Pastor Mark

 P.S.  Okay, I guess I had two more things! If you are interested in joining me for next summer’s Reformation tour, please come to an information meeting Sunday night at 6:00 pm in the Memorial Chapel. I look forward to giving you a taste of what’s in store!