How to Have Spiritual Conversations Naturally

How to Have Spiritual Conversations Naturally

Ever since we showed Curtis’ story of meeting me in Starbucks and beginning a journey that resulted in him coming to church, joining a LifeGroup and placing his faith in Jesus, I’ve had people ask me: “Ellis, could you teach on how you had those conversations with Curtis?” And starting on September 13, I’m going to be doing just that at God Space.

For many of us, talking about spiritual matters with our friends, family, co-workers and neighbors, is about as easy as talking about politics with someone on the other side of the aisle—it’s fraught with difficulties! And yet, I believe there is a simple way to have spiritual conversations with people that shows them the love and respect they deserve: by creating God Space.

God Space is the place where God shows up in our conversations and relationships and does what only He can do—heal, redeem, save and restore. But unless we are actively creating space for God in our conversations, it is much harder to see him at work.

Over the six weeks of God Space, we will talk about how we can notice, serve, listen, and wonder our way into spiritual conversations with others. And we will talk about how we can tell stories in a way that connects with the stories of others and creates space for God at the intersection.

I’m really excited to see how God uses this throughout our church to help us go “Beyond These Walls” and love those around us like never before.

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Pastor Ellis

PS—Our fellow EPC churches in the Presbytery of the Gulf South are continuing to struggle as they seek to minister in their communities following Hurricane Harvey.  We want to share with you information about the EPC’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which has received more than $30,000 at the time this blog post was written. 

In collaboration with the Presbytery of the Gulf South, donations to the fund will be sent to EPC churches in the greater Houston area affected by the storm. Click here to donate online (Choose “Emergency Relief” from the first pulldown menu and “Hurricane Harvey Relief (506)” from the second pulldown menu), or make your check payable to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church and designated “Hurricane Harvey Relief.” Send it to:

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