Something Extraordinary from the Ordinary

Something Extraordinary from the Ordinary

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. This might be surprising to any of you who know me well. I am not overly patriotic, and I hate being startled and don’t like loud noises. However, since we moved into our home six years ago, I have grown to love the Fourth of July. Joey and I love hosting parties and the Fourth of July has turned into an annual chance for kids (and some adults) to do cannonballs in the pool before watching the Henderson Bay fireworks show. But more than that, Fourth of July is the only night when our entire neighborhood is out in their front yards. Most of the year our street is a quiet, friendly place where neighbors say, “Hello” on their way to the mailbox but spend most of the time in our backyards. In the midst of the chaos of sparklers and my brother-in-law setting off a firework called “Absolute Justice,” the Fourth of July is a chance to connect to the friends, family, and those I live closest to…my neighbors.

This year as we awaited the fireworks I talked with neighbors about dog trainers (we’re totally getting a puppy), new babysitters on our street, and what homes might be going up for sale. In one evening, I did more relational connecting with my neighbors than I do all year. The extraordinary circumstance of the holiday made chatting in the road feel ordinary. On an average Tuesday, being a good neighbor is not quite as easy as just being in the front yard because I’d be the only person out there. It takes leaving my comfortable space and doing something out or the ordinary, like taking cookies across the street or starting a conversation over the backyard fence. Sometimes the things that we are called to are difficult, messy, even awkward…I may or may not have forgotten my next-door neighbor’s name. When we shift our perspective and consider how we might lean into what the Lord has given us and how he has gifted us, the results can be extraordinary. On July Fourth, my front yard was a catalyst for relationship. Now I find myself considering how I might use those conversations under the rockets-red-glare as a next step towards community.

This weekend, we have the opportunity to hear from Krish Kandiah. Krish hails from the U.K., or “Ellis-land” as we call it. Besides being an internationally renowned speaker, author, and teacher, Krish believes we are called to do extraordinary things with our ordinary lives, whether that extraordinary thing is opening our homes and churches to vulnerable children or sharing the Gospel with our neighbors. Krish will be plugging right into the Best Supporting Actor series and preaching about a Supporting Actress who did something extraordinary with her ordinary life. You won’t want to miss this weekend!

After the 10:45 service this Sunday, June 9, I want to invite you to hear more about the organization Krish started called Home For Good that challenges followers of Jesus to open their families to kids without homes. Our friends from OliveCrest and the Fostering Hope support group will be there with some next steps on how we can become involved in foster care and support of those called to foster and adoption. Join us in the Gathering Place for light lunch and good conversation.

Julie Hawkins
Director of Missions

P.S. Pastor Mark will be leading a Reformation History tour to Germany and Switzerland next year, June 16-27. This will be a limited group size so, if you are interested, contact Kathy Berry to reserve your spot.