Generation to Generation

Generation to Generation

This week I have had the privilege of dressing up like a mad scientist, dancing and singing like a little kid, and presenting the good news about Jesus to more than 300 kids attending this year’s Day Camp: Maker Fun Factory. This weekend we’re excited to tell you more about how God has been at work in the lives of all the kids in attendance. 

The previous week, I was with the rest of our pastors and some elders at the annual gathering of our denomination, the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC). The theme of the week was “Generation to Generation” and we were presented with compelling evidence that we are at a critical time as the church in the U.S. Unless this generation is willing to rise up and pass on the baton successfully to the next, the church is at risk of dying. We have the call of raising up that next generation of believers who will carry the flame of Christ into the future. 

As I took a run down to the old ferry landing at the end of Harborview Drive this week I was reminded how at one time this would have been the hub of Gig Harbor. Now it stands as a ruin to a different age. With the advent of the Narrows Bridge came new hope, new opportunities, and new people to Gig Harbor, but it also brought with it the death of that Ferry Landing. Sometimes, when the world around us changes, the church can be slow to respond, clinging to our “ferry landings” of old when God has opened up new opportunities around us. 

Seeing the faces of our congregation serving this week at Day Camp, particularly those who are more mature in age than I am, has touched me. To see these men and women doing crazy actions to songs, shouting out loud, cheering our kids on, and perhaps even giving up their traditions for the sake of our children, that they might know Jesus, is beautiful. My prayer is that we may all be willing to let go of what we need to, in order that we may bridge the gap to the next generation, that the Church of Jesus Christ may flourish well beyond all of our deaths.

Pastor Ellis

P.S. This weekend, Pastor Mark will continue our summer sermon series, Best Supporting Actor, with a look at the life of someone who launched badly…but landed well.  And don’t forget the Saturday night worship option at 6:30 p.m. on these beautiful summer weekends.