I Bet YOU’LL Gasp, Too!

I Bet YOU’LL Gasp, Too!

We are on the downhill stretch of our “Beyond These Walls” initiative. I wish you could hear the enthusiasm I am hearing about this vision to eliminate our debt, free up $600,000 annually, and begin to invest in beyond these walls ministry as never before.

One of our leaders has three men in his LifeGroup who do not attend Chapel Hill. Out of sensitivity, he considered avoiding the topic altogether, but the men, captivated by the vision, insisted that he get them Journey Guides and that they do this study together. Another non-member who heard of BTW said, “What an unusual and compelling vision!” Yet another couple actually started attending Chapel Hill because they were captivated by the vision of a church that says, “The time has come for us to invest ourselves in our community and region as never before.”

It isn’t often that a fund-raising initiative actually draws new people into the church. I find this very encouraging.

But frankly, the real proof in the pudding is when people begin to make their personal commitments to this initiative. This moves it from theory to reality.

So, when we hosted a recent gathering of Chapel Hill Leaders for a time of worship and an opportunity to make an advance commitment to Beyond These Walls, we held our breath. How would the leaders and influencers in our congregation respond?

Wow, did they respond! I have shared the pledge total with only a few people, and every time, it has elicited a gasp.

I’m going to announce that number with everyone during worship this weekend. I’ll bet you will gasp, too. It is an inspiring, courageous gesture on the part of dozens of our church families that, I believe, will inspire the rest of our congregation. It certainly inspired one Senior Pastor.

Join us this weekend for this exciting piece of news!

Pastor Mark