$2,640,450 in advance commitments!

$2,640,450 in advance commitments!

If you weren’t able to be with us for worship last week, you missed one of the greatest audible gasps in our worship history as a congregation. 

When I announced that several dozen of our leading families, from across the financial spectrum, had pledged an astonishing $2,640,450, you almost felt the exhale of air!  It was such an inspiring moment!  As encouraging as this is, it is only a start; it will take all of us to hit our top goal of $5,000,000.

But if I could co-opt a political slogan, “It’s the vision, stupid!”  This is not just about being debt-free, although for many of us Dave Ramsey graduates it seems right that, as a church, we would pursue the same goal that we have encouraged 400 Financial Peace University alumni to pursue: the paid-off mortgage!  But what so many of our church family—and some of our visitorsfind most compelling is the idea that a church would decide to reallocate the $600,000 we spend annually on debt service to ministries and missions that will move “Beyond These Walls” as never before.

 The rest of the church will be invited to make their commitment in two weekends.  This weekend, Memorial Day, we will shift gears a little bit as we thank God for those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in combating evil for our freedom… and remind ourselves that we, the Church, are in that very same battle! 

It is an exciting time to be a part of Chapel Hill; a watershed moment, truly!  I’m glad you are part of it.

Pastor Mark