Stay & Pray

Stay & Pray

Last year, I met Maggie at the women’s retreat. She had met Bridget when she registered for MOPS and then made another connection with Bridget’s sister-in-law the next day. Maggie and her husband just moved here, and she was about to have a baby. Bridget went out on a limb: “Do you want to come to Women’s Retreat? You could stay with me in my room!” Maggie was game. She really wanted to be connected. They were in our house (pictured, below), and Maggie connected with my mom. It’s a story that makes me cry now when I think about it because of God’s sweetness in the timing of that connection. It’s a story I wouldn’t be telling had Bridget not cared about connecting with new people and met Maggie and thrown out this crazy roommate invitation to a stranger who courageously said yes and jumped into the depth of community. Now Maggie and I share a new friendship and a mission to connect other women to Jesus and to one another.

That’s the beauty of retreats. And that’s why I think so much of annual retreats. It’s not another year, another retreat to me. It’s another year, new friends, new depth, new Jesus connections. That’s why we’re doing another women’s retreat. We want you (if you’re a lady) to connect with other women and to connect with Jesus. 

*We want you to connect with other women and to connect with Jesus.*

Andrea DeLong and a team of women are organizing this year’s retreat called “Stay and Pray.” We’ll be right here at Chapel Hill Friday night and all day Saturday. It’s more convenient than ever. It’s less expensive than ever. But the connections will be just as deep and meaningful. We’re continuing with what we’re learning about prayer from Debbie Burleigh. You can hear more about her story of connection with Chapel Hill in a video HERE. We’ll get to experience prayer through teaching, interactive prayer stations, and Saturday afternoon “dive in deeper” options, including artistic prayer journaling and The War Room.

To you, the Chapel Hill family, I want to invite you to come! AND I want to ask you: who are the “Maggies” that you are connected to? Who have you just met at the park or the grocery store or the exercise class or the front yard? Would you invite them to join you at the retreat? We’ll help you get into conversation with God in prayer and with one another. Don’t let this be just another year, another retreat. When we connect with God and connect with one another, we make eternal friendships. 

*Don’t let this be just another year, another retreat.

Join us for Stay & Pray. REGISTER TODAY!

Pastor Megan