Horns and a Pitchfork

Horns and a Pitchfork

Those of you old enough to remember the Flip Wilson Show will recall the character, “Geraldine,” whose favorite excuse for her naughty behavior was, “The Devil made me do it!” It was always a big laugh line. And frankly, that’s the way most in our culture think of the Devil—a nasty red cartoon character with horns, a pointy tail and a pitchfork. Often, we find him poised on someone’s shoulder, whispering temptations in one ear while an angel offers a counterpoint in the other. 

Even Christians are divided on the top of the Devil. Some view him as a mythological representation of evil, others as an ever present force for evil in the world, and still others would rather just avoid the subject altogether. So, where do you fall in that mix?  

This weekend I begin a six-week series on Spiritual Warfare. The starting point will be to explore what the Bible has to say about Satan, evil, and spiritual reality. Whether you think it is make-believe, horrifying or something you’d just rather not talk about, it would be wise for us to discover what Scripture teaches about evil and the spiritual battle in which we are engaged. 

I don’t recall preaching on this particular topic. It will be stimulating and challenging for all of us.  I hope you will join me for the adventure.

Pastor Mark