Welcome to Advent

Welcome to Advent

This is the first week of Advent! Advent comes from the Greek word adventus which speaks to the second coming of Christ. When was the last time you actively thought— I wonder when Jesus is coming back? I know the things I’ve waited for more recently are for the milk in the bottle to get warm, for the weather to let up enough to clean off the roof, and for a friend to join me in the 24/7 prayer room. You could say we are a people practiced in waiting. But rarely do I think about waiting at an eschatological level. So for me, and for you, there’s Advent— the practice of waiting for Jesus. 

The practice of Advent started at least as far back as 480 AD. The Church connects waiting for Jesus’ second return with the Jews who waited for God to come the first time— which happened when Jesus was born— back when BC became AD! You could say God always seems to be “a long time a’ comin’.” And so here we are in Advent; Christmas morning will be the climax moment of Advent which will end in Epiphany, the celebration of the wisemen finding baby Jesus.  

[Photo: Pastor Megan’s family practicing Advent using the guide last week.]
Pastor Megan’s family practicing Advent using the guide last weekWe invite you to practice waiting together as a family. And be bold to invite friends and neighbors! Here is the GUIDE for the first two weeks as we await God’s LOVE and JOY. Pick one up at the Connect Center between now and Christmas for the weekly readings for your family. Let your waiting deepen your prayer life; deepen your sense of anticipation of God; deepen your hope for his return.  

In waiting,
Pastor Megan

P.S. If decorating your house is part of your practice during Advent, our friends from L’arche will be here on Sunday morning after both services with beautiful, local wreaths for sale; bring cash or checks. L’arche is a community dedicated to the creation of homes, programs and support networks with people who have intellectual disabilities.