One More Step Forward in Your Prayer Journey

One More Step Forward in Your Prayer Journey

This weekend I will preach the final message in our series, “Lord, Teach Us to Pray.”  As I said from the beginning of this year-long emphasis on prayer, our goal is not that you will know more about prayer, although I believe that will be true.  Our goal is that you will pray.  More of you.  More often.  More effectively.  More courageously.  I hope and pray (literally) that you are stretching yourself in your own prayer life.  Praying every day, perhaps.  Praying with your spouse.  Praying with your kids.  Praying as you drive or walk.  God, make us a praying people! 

I know that many of you have accepted this challenge.  I’m hearing your stories.  So, how about another challenge?  

For the week after Thanksgiving, (11/27 – 12/4) we will turn my old office into a multi-sensory Prayer Room open for prayer 24-7… 24 hours a day for seven days straight!. I inviteI challengeyou all to sign up for a one-hour slot to pray through the Lord’s Prayer using creative activities designed by six members of our congregation. 

Our goal is to cover one whole week in prayer—168 hours in total. Now, one hour may seem like a long time to pray, but our hope is that by setting aside that time in a space devoted to prayer, and engaging all your senses in prayer, you might not only find it possible to pray for an hour, but you might actually enjoy it, encounter God’s presence in a new way and be transformed by it. 

Just imagine: Chapel Hill at prayer, 24 hours a day for seven days24-7.  My LifeGroup has signed up for one entire night.  We will provide security as well as take turns in prayer.  I challenge other men’s groups to do the same.  Let’s stand vigil so that the rest of our congregation can enter into this season devoted to prayer. Two nights remain to be covered: Tuesday and Wednesday from 10pm – 5am. Contact Ellis White if your men’s group is willing.

You can sign up alone or with your friends/family or LifeGroup by HERE

Prayer is like breathing for a true disciple of Jesus.  Without it, you die.  I hope you are breathing deeply…and experiencing God’s presence and delight.

Pastor Mark

P.S. One of my favorite annual services is this Wednesday night at 7:00pmThanksgiving Eve!  Lots of college kids will be back, including my son.  It will be a wonderful family reunion as we worship, listen to God’s Word, share communion and especially, give thanks to the Giver of all good gifts.  Don’t miss it!