Feeling the Buzz

Feeling the Buzz

It really is amazing to see the cultural phenomenon that Seahawks fandom is in the NorthWest. You can tell if there is a game happening based on the level of traffic on Route 16. In my neighborhood, someone has dedicated their front lawn as a shrine to the Seahawks, complete with spotlights, flags, and the number 12 prominently displayed. (By the way, I became a fan of the Seahawks during Super Bowl XL. We got robbed!) The Seahawks are absolutely part of the pulse of this part of our nation. The buzz is palpable as we near another season of football. 

As a church, we enter our own season of activity. Our Wednesday Night Life classes start in a few weeks, we begin a new sermon series on prayer, a men’s retreat, a women’s launch-eon… so many events and activities to engage our minds in hearts in growing more faithful to Jesus. There’s a certain kind of buzz here at Chapel Hill too. Fall is really the highest engagement season of our community, and I think there’s a certain anticipation that goes along with that. I’m excited to learn, to grow, to be with friends this Fall. I hope you are too!  

We want to celebrate this season with a Kickoff Weekend on September 10-11. Wouldn’t you know it, September 11th happens to be the… wait for it… kickoff game of the regular season for the Seahawks. Isn’t that nice that the Seahawks are celebrating the launch of our fall ministries with a game?  

Here’s how you can prepare for Kickoff Weekend.

Come prepared to eat some food! On September 11th, we’re going to take over the Gathering Place and you’re sure to find tasty morsels of football-related food here and there. 

Come prepared to meet new (and old) friends. One of the reasons we like to have food at events is because it slows us down and helps us spend time with each other. We hope Kickoff weekend becomes a chance to meet someone you haven’t before, or someone you have, as you snack on those aforementioned tasty morsels of football-related food. 

Come prepared to sign up for classes and events. We will have a giant table with all of our Fall classes and events ready for you to check out and sign up for. Plus, we’ll be handing out our Teach Us To Pray prayer guides here too. This is your chance to get in on the fun

Come prepared to soak up all the info. All of our ministries will be represented at Kickoff Weekend, and anything you could want to know will be available to know. If you’ve ever had a burning question for our Children’s Ministry, or wanted to catch up on what Missions was up to, or whatever, you’ll be set at Kickoff Weekend. 

Come prepared to have fun! We have a couple of fun activities planned to really celebrate our launch into the Fall. 

The point is, if you weren’t excited about our Fall as a church, or didn’t know why you should be, Kickoff Weekend should help with that. And besides, is there any reason why we shouldn’t celebrate? We who know and serve the God of love, peace, and joy should probably take every opportunity to reflect that in the way we gather. So I hope you’ll join us in a few weeks as we mark what God is going to do in our community this Fall. 

Pastor Larry

P.S. Men, I’m really excited to go to Men’s Retreat on September 16-18. But I want at least 50 guys to go with me. At least! So add your name to the growing roster, don’t procrastinate, and register today so I have lots of friends to hang out with that weekend!