The Final Day in DC

The Final Day in DC

Tonight we concluded our missions trip with a celebratory dinner, hosting most of the people we met along the way. Though a few faces were missing among us, our other guests were just as pleasant to see in our midst. Some of these people included Miss Tina, Reverend Buffalo, Pastor Will and his family, Ernst and his family, Apostle Jones and his wife, and Miss Cathy, as well as a few brothers from Alabama doing some missions work.

Reverend Buffalo said one of the most inspiring things to the team: “Jesus says, ‘Be strong and courageous in all that you do’.” I, personally, took this as the greatest encouragement. On Wednesday, as many may already know, five police officers were shot fatally during a peaceful protest. Half of the people weighing in on the matter stand on the side of the officers, making verbal attacks against black people; the other half back the black people, saying that officers are all only out to bring harm to the African-American community. We as Christians and missionaries must rise to the occasion and be the peacemakers in this spiritual civil war. But as nice and easy as that sounds, it’s truly a matter of courage to do that; we risk being frowned upon by our peers, and we face the pressure of being seen as an enemy. Despite all of that, though, those words bring us hope: be strong and courageous. And that’s exactly what we feel like doing for our nation. We will be a lamp on a night stand- a house on a hill- and show our nation what kind of peace there can be, and how all of us are loved and treasured by our one True Father. We will be courageous and fear no evil, but instead take refuge and comfort in God’s ultimate plan. We will be strong, because He makes us strong to do as He says.

We also got a chance to talk more with Miss Tina, who encouraged us to come back and visit again; we always have a place in the South East White House. She smiled and laughed with us as we joked around in the restaurant, and before she left, gave each of us a warm hug. Of all the people we met, who were all welcoming, she by far did the most to make sure we felt that way, and we all are so grateful that she extended this hospitality to us.

As the evening came to a close, as we walked out to the van, we all reflected on our last day here with the kids, recalling the epic battle of Water Balloons, in which no one escaped the ordeal without being completely soaked. When we had to say goodbye to the children, each and every one of them asked us to come back next year; I believe I can speak for the team and say that it doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.

All in all, our final day in Washington D.C. was fantastic. God has truly stretched and molded each of the team members into stronger, fiercer warriors for Christ, and has also given us new friends, built more bridges for relationships, and has given us a new experience to witness to others in not only places foreign to us, but also our very own community. With these new eyes, new words, and new outlook on life, we will definitely be continuing our work at home.

 God bless,
Jessica Repp