Off to the Little White House

Off to the Little White House

As our team of 8 high school students (Becca Derr, Jessica Repp, Lucy Camarata, Natalie Davidson, Eric Anderson, Cannon Coats, Benjamin Easley, Casey Burgess) joined by our 3 adult leaders (Nikki Davidson, Dustin Harrison, Ryan Palmer) get ready to head to Washington DC, we invite you all to be praying for us.

For the last 8 months, we’ve met regularly preparing for a next step missions experience aimed at equipping the team to become learners as well as helpers as we come alongside our mission partners. We’ll spend 9 days in Washington DC, partnering with the Little Whitehouse in South East DC as well as Urban Outreach. We are excited about the opportunities to grow in our understanding of difficult issues like systemic injustice, poverty, racism, gentrification and more. We are also excited to see the amazing things God is already doing through our brothers and sisters serving in DC.

This trip is also unique in that it does not end with this trip, but will continue on after we return to Gig Harbor. We will continue to encourage and empower these students to use what they learn and to apply it here in our local communities.

We serve a mighty God and nothing is impossible for Him, so please join us in praying for our team, our mission partners and the District of Columbia this week. As a reminder if you would like to follow our teams’ Instagram and experience our trip through the lens of our team you can find us at or by our hashtags #chpcindc #chpc2dc.

Ryan Palmer