Which Way Is Jesus’ House?

Which Way Is Jesus’ House?

Over the last few days I’ve had to break the news about my dad to many people. Sometimes it’s been easier, although it’s never been easy. But the hardest was to tell Evelyn, my two-year old daughter. Evelyn loved Granda. Granda played Duplo with her, Granda danced with her, Granda her took her out for ice-cream. She loved Granda. So how do you tell a two year old that her Granda is gone? 

Well, Rachel and I said to her: ‘Evelyn, when we go back to England, and we go to Nanny’s house, Granda won’t be there. Granda’s gone to Jesus’ house. And Jesus’ house has lots of rooms. One day, you can go there too, when you’re much older. And Mommy can go there, and Daddy, and Nanny, and Aunty Esther. But Granda has gone there now.’ 

When we arrived in England and went to Nanny’s house, and Evelyn saw that Granda wasn’t there,  the reality of what we had told her began to sink in. Granda was no longer in that house, so he must have gone to Jesus’ house. But something was puzzling her, so after a couple of days, she came back to Rachel and asked: ‘Which way is Jesus’ house? Is it left or is it right?’  

It’s a question we all want to know the answer to, and thankfully it’s one that Jesus addressed with his disciples on the night before his death, a day we call Maundy Thursday, which is today. I had the privilege of preaching at my father’s memorial service on the passage where Jesus addresses this question: John 14:1-7. If you’d like to listen to it, or read it, you can do so HERE

 Tonight we will gather to remember that Thursday night when Jesus last ate with his disciples, and we too will share in The Lord’s Supper at what is one of the most special services of the year. We will gather in the Sanctuary at 7pm.

 Then on Saturday at 6.30pm and Sunday at 8am, 9.30am and 11am, we will celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the hope that that gives us for new life now and forever. Please join us and invite a friend or family member who needs to know the hope we have in Jesus.


P.S. Could I ask you an Easter favor? We are offering our first-ever Easter Saturday service in the sanctuary at 6:30pm. James Roberson will be leading us in worship. Would you consider making that your Easter celebration of choice? I’m hoping for 100 who will serve their church in that way. And, if you prefer blended worship, would you be an early-bird and join us at 8:00 on Sunday morning? It will help! Thanks.