God is Moving

God is Moving

Yesterday was a FULL day for us at ASU; as a team we distributed fliers, held up giant sparkly question marks, took surveys on whiteboards (Mine asked if morals or success was more important, Drew’s asked if God existed) and both Eric England (Eric Major) and Ellis each led someone to new life in Christ. We’re pumped.

Although it was exhausting, the general energy of the team is pretty high, and we can’t wait to hit it hard again today. Ellis told us that last year, on the Portland trip, no one made a decision for Jesus until Thursday, and the fact that we’ve had two so far tells us that God is moving. It’s incredible to be walking around engaging with people, and everywhere on campus I go, I see other people from our larger team doing the same exact thing. In every corner of campus, God is giving opportunities for deep, impactful spiritual conversations.

We all have good stories after just one day; we can’t wait to see what the rest of the week will hold. We’ve listened to veterans pour out their hearts and hurts, we’ve put on Super Bowl rings, we’ve handed out hundreds of event fliers, we’ve spoken with seekers trying to find the truth, and above all we’ve been trying our best to tune into what God has in store for this week so we can get out of our own way and let him move. Thanks to everyone for their love, prayer, and support! We have a phenomenally gifted group from Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics (OCCA) that makes up the rest of the team, and let me tell you, these guys are SERIOUSLY honed in their intellectual abilities. Again, thank you for keeping us on your radar. You can continue to join us by praying for:

  • The right people to feel an unexplainable urge to engage in conversation or come to one of the talks.
  • Our friend Abi (You say it like Abi!) who is currently learning all he can about the Christian faith to determine it’s truth.
  • Those who made confessions of faith, that they would be cemented in their new relationship with Christ and that God would protect them in their newfound life.
  • Our momentum to build as we go through the week, so that no student goes from Monday to Friday without noticing our presence.
  • Our dialogues with people, that they would be filled with compassion and that the Holy Spirit would give us the right words to say.

Can’t wait to share all the stories from this great week!
-Eric Anderson for the ASU Go Team