Fearless Q – Questions That Need Answers

Fearless Q – Questions That Need Answers


Today, a team of six of us are heading to Arizona State University to spend a week working with RZIM and several campus ministries there (such as InterVarsity, Cru, Navigators, Athletes in Action, and YoungLife), sharing Jesus with the students of ASU. Our hope is to create a safe space in which people can explore the big questions of faith and life. 

All week long we will be working alongside the campus ministries to provide a visible presence on campus, seeking to engage people in spiritual conversations. Then every lunchtime there will be free lunches and two different talks addressing numerous questions, such as: “Isn’t the Bible Sexist?” and “Why Isn’t God More Obvious?” Then in the evenings we will have further events, each with a talk, including on Monday night a talk from Denver Broncos kicker and Super Bowl winner Jason Elam.

Please pray that God would be at work transforming the lives of students at ASU through this week. Pray that our team will be able to boldly, graciously and humbly present the good news about Jesus Christ. And pray that we will be able to plug students into follow-up conversations with campus workers and students from ASU so that this week has long-term significance in students’ lives.


Ellis White