Marriage Seminar

Marriage Seminar

In case you missed it, last weekend’s Marriage Seminar was well worth the price of admission! Guest speakers David and Kelsey Burke did an outstanding job. They were winsomely transparent as they talked about their marriage, especially regarding sensitive issues and how that affected their relationship. 

Most speakers shy away from being too vulnerable and letting too much humanity show. But David and Kelsey shared in a way which was very “matter of fact,” “this is what we each struggle with as individuals and this is how it affects our marriage.” They talked about real matters people could relate to, but did it in a way that the audience wasn’t embarrassed but rather empowered to talk about similar issues with their own spouse. 

After the Saturday morning session, Kelsey and David invited couples to share with each other about the morning’s topic and then pray for each other. This was a new and stretching experience for some. One person shared that there were several couples present from her life group and it was the first time that one of the men had prayed for his wife out loud.    

After the afternoon session couples walked into the Gathering Place and were treated to a candlelight dinner at small round tables set and tastefully decorated for two. They even enjoyed live piano music from Andrew Joy, a music student who is on staff at Chapel Hill.  The overall response from the evaluations was that we should do this type of event again! 

Acknowledgement and thanks need to be given to Lisa VanDoorne, Shannon Hardin, Inga Fouquette and Patti Edge who created and executed this highly enjoyable and memorable event for seventy couples from Chapel Hill.  Great job you guys!  

Grace and peace,
Pastor Bill

P.S. Michael Morton was falsely convicted of murdering his wife when evidence that would have exonerated him was buried by the District Attorney. After twenty-five years in prison, DNA evidence was produced that proved Michael’s innocence and he was released.  Michael will join us each service this weekend to share how Christ found him in prison.  Don’t miss this!