Love Is In the Air

Love Is In the Air

Do you remember some of the crazy things you did when you fell in love with your spouse?

•  Marathon conversations on the phone (landline or cell!) at ridiculous hours of the night…
•  Romantic gifts of chocolate, flowers and cards dripping with mushy sentimentality….
•  Romantic getaways to fun places….
•  Four-hour drives to take someone on a three-hour date, followed by a four-hour drive and an early wake-up call for work… (wait… maybe that was just me?)
•  Birthday surprises involving German chocolate cherry tortes that required four trips to the store for ingredients… (baking isn’t my strong suit)

Is there anything we won’t do when we’re in love?!?

Then the reality of life sets in: Work, bills to pay, kids to care for, soccer games and dance recitals to attend, college tuiton…. All wonderful things, but pretty soon most couples wonder:
“What happened to all the magic in our relationship?”

Fear not! The magic hasn’t disappeared completely! But, like anything truly great, it requires attention and intention. This Valentine’s Day Weekend, we’re bringing you the gift of attention for your marriage. The Marriage Seminar on February 12 and 13 is chock-full of opportunities to be intentional with your marriage. Our speakers are friends of the Chapel Hill family, our childcare team is top-notch, and the only preparation you have to do is sign up online. No 8-hour road trips or insane-cake-baking adventures required.

Some of the highlights we’re excited about:

•  Inspirational Teaching from people who understand marriage, family, and ministry.
•  Free Child Care Friday night and Saturday morning!!
•  Luxury for You and Your Spouse. No dishes, cooking, housecleaning, errandsreplace that with an event-free afternoon to enjoy a creative date with your beloved topped off with a lovely candlelight dinner with live music!
•  Learn about Other Resources at Chapel Hill geared toward improving your marriage, including counseling and marriage groups.
•  Earn Major Bonus Points with Your Spouse by taking the initiative to register for the weekend.
•  An opportunity to Grow in your personal discipleship by learning to love the person that God has given you as your soul mate.

Smelling the roses yet? What are you waiting for! Go online today and register! You will look back and be glad you did!

Pastor Bill